Direct/Local Control
App-based Control
Integrated/Custom Control
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Levland Ltd - Assistive Technologies
Control of the items in your project can really make a difference to the usefulness of them, so getting it right at the planning stages is key to getting the best out of your investment.  We divide control in to three categories...
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Direct - Each of these categories has advantages over the others. For example a local switch (to activate a light, socket, automated door, gate etc) requires no special knowledge or training for everyone to use and will be available to use if there is no Wi-Fi signal.
App-based - Sometimes an app designed for the purpose is just right, allowing control of lighting, heating etc from a smart phone or tablet.
Integrated - Where many different technologies are required to be controlled from one device, we can design and install a customised/integrated control system running on iOS (Apple platform) to bring together the control and interactivity of all the parts of your project so you can control them from one place in a single app.  This eliminates the need for lots of different apps so you don't have to 'App-Jump'.
Integrated control can include - Heating, Lights, Cinema, Music, Automated doors, CCTV, TV, DVD/Bluray, Projectors, Projector screens, Blinds, Curtains, Gates, Windows - and we can even integrate text/symbol to speech apps such as those from Proloquo2go and others...
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